Record-Breaking Launch: The Second Edition of the B2B Marketing Guidebook Shatters Download and Sales Expectations

by Uwe Seebacher on Nov 08, 2023

Record-Breaking Launch: The Second Edition of the B2B Marketing Guidebook Shatters Download and Sales Expectations

I'm thrilled to announce the latest milestone in my journey as an author and marketing expert. The second edition of the German version of the "B2B Marketing Guidebook" has been released, and the response has been nothing short of spectacular. Published on November 3rd, 2023, this edition has already made a significant impact, showcasing the evolving landscape of B2B marketing.

The initial edition of what is now considered the standard textbook in industrial marketing achieved an extraordinary milestone with over 1 million downloads since its release. Such a high download rate for an academic book is a testament to its bestseller status, underlining the significant relevance of the subject matter and the exceptional quality of its content.

Amazon Screenshot of both book editions

Fig. 1: Amazon Screenshot showing both editions of the "B2B Marketing Guidebook" (Source:

In just a week since its release, the guidebook has garnered an impressive 4,000 downloads. This overwhelming response is a testament to the book's relevance and the growing interest in innovative B2B marketing strategies. The feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive, reflected in the five-star rating across reviews.

The "B2B Marketing Guidebook" is more than just a book; it's a comprehensive resource for professionals looking to deepen their understanding of B2B marketing in the digital age. It provides insights into emerging trends, practical strategies, and real-world examples that empower marketers to excel in their field. The book is also available in an international English version, that can be found via this link.


B2B Marketing Guidebook (Int. Version, Seebacher, 2022)

Fig. 2.: B2B Marketing Guidebook (Int. Version, Seebacher, 2022)

As a token of appreciation for the continuous support and to keep driving the developments in B2B marketing, I invite everyone to download the eBook. It's an opportunity to have the latest in B2B marketing knowledge right at your fingertips.

More then 1.200 pages next level B2B Marketing

I'm excited to share more about the second edition of the German version of the "B2B Marketing Guidebook." This book represents the pinnacle of current B2B marketing knowledge, presented in a practical and comprehensive manner. More than 40 top Business-to-Business marketers have contributed, discussing fundamental principles, new strategies, and proven concepts. This edition has been enhanced with updated content, including new terms, concepts, case studies, and supported with extensive data for research and practical application.

The guidebook serves as a practical manual for modern B2B marketing, explaining a wide array of contemporary terms and tools. Topics covered include Account-Based Marketing, Buyer Journey, Content Management, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, and many more, all scrutinized for their applicability in large and mid-sized B2B companies. The book is a must-have for B2B marketers aiming to modernize their departments and significantly improve the perception of marketing within their companies.

2nd Edition with many highlights and updates

Key highlights include:

  • Over 100 essential B2B marketing terms
  • The B2B Marketing Maturity Model 2.0
  • In-depth exploration of Marketing Automation
  • Strategies for effective Lead Management and Content Marketing
  • Insights into Social Media and Social Selling in B2B
  • Techniques for User Experience and Touchpoint Management
  • New contributions on topics like Agile Marketing and Community Management
  • Case studies from leading companies such as Hapag-Lloyd and STILL, among others.

This edition features contributions from renowned experts, making it an invaluable resource for anyone in the B2B marketing field. The comprehensive nature of the book ensures that it caters to a broad range of interests and skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Download the eBook and stay at the forefront of B2B marketing innovation.