How to Save 1,4 bio Tonnes Co2 Emissions in Winter Ski Tourism Until 2030

by Uwe Seebacher on Aug 15, 2023

How to Save 1,4 bio Tonnes Co2 Emissions in Winter Ski Tourism Until 2030

Dune Glide Oasis - Revolutionizing Eco-Tourism with Sand Skiing

The Dune Glide Oasis represents a groundbreaking approach to eco-tourism. Situated in a breathtaking desert landscape, it offers a unique and sustainable alternative to traditional winter sports by introducing sand skiing. This project reflects a harmonious blend of adventure, environmental stewardship, and cultural integration.

Why Is There A Need for Revolution in Winter Sports?

Climate change is reshaping winter sports, with diminishing snowfall leading to shorter seasons and challenging the viability of traditional ski resorts. This shift has spurred demand for innovative, eco-friendly recreational activities that align with a green lifestyle, offering unique experiences beyond conventional tourism. Modern travelers increasingly seek holidays combining adventure, culture, and novelty. The movement towards an "Emerald Deal" emphasizes the need for authentic, sustainable actions in leisure and societal activities, reflecting a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship and interaction.

Why we need a change in wintersports

The Concept of Sand Skiing

At the heart of Dune Glide Oasis is the concept of sand skiing. This novel sport adapts the thrilling experience of snow skiing to the dunes, providing a year-round, climate-independent recreational activity. Special equipment and techniques have been developed to ensure a smooth and exhilarating experience on the sand.

What is Dune Glide Oasis Concept

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Infrastructure

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the project. The facilities, including the ski lifts and lodges, are powered by solar energy, minimizing the carbon footprint. The architecture and design of the buildings echo this commitment to eco-friendliness, utilizing materials and techniques that blend seamlessly with the natural desert environment.

Dune Glide Oasis Key Features

Economic and Environmental Impact

Dune Glide Oasis is not just an entertainment venue; it's a model for sustainable economic development. By attracting eco-conscious tourists, the project boosts the local economy while preserving the natural habitat. It represents a viable solution to the challenges posed by climate change to traditional winter sports destinations.

How to Save 1.4 Billion Tonnes CO2 Emissions in Winter Sport

Cultural Integration and Community Involvement

Incorporating local culture is a key aspect of the project. The Dune Glide Oasis respects and celebrates the heritage and traditions of the desert community. Local artisans and businesses are involved, providing an authentic and enriching experience for visitors and economic benefits to the community.

A Win-Win for all Stakeholders

A Unique Tourist Concept

The blend of adventure, eco-friendlyness, sustainability, and cultural richness makes Dune Glide Oasis a one-of-a-kind new touristic concept enabled by the works of my team of experienced methods and structural scientists together with the experts and research team of the leading company in applied, multiple AI based predictive intelligence

Tourists can enjoy the thrill of sand skiing, relax in eco-friendly lodges, and immerse themselves in the local culture. The project offers a template for future eco-tourism initiatives, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and recreational enjoyment can coexist harmoniously.

Cheaper and more eco-friendly with Dune Glide Oasis


Dune Glide Oasis is a visionary project, redefining the boundaries of eco-tourism. Its innovative approach to combining sports with sustainability and cultural integration sets a new standard for tourist destinations worldwide. It shows that with creativity and commitment, we can enjoy the beauty and excitement of our planet while preserving it for future generations.

Better and healthier - Dune Glide Oasis