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"A growing business doesn't need consultants but companions and a guidance to succeed. I combine modern values with proven methods. With this principles I will pave you the way to become a rising star in your business field."

Likeable, competent, motivating and loyal top consultant!

"I know my former colleague Dr. Uwe Seebacher from a long and successful collaboration in the Düsseldorf office of Deloitte Consulting. In numerous projects I have got to know him as an extremely likeable, competent, motivating and loyal top consultant. Furthermore, I appreciate his inspiring publications and business ideas."

Prof. Dr. Hans-Gerd Sevatius

Always a pleasure to work with him!

"Uwe is a creative and professional marketing executive who is able to convert complex content into clear and engaging marketing strategies and messages. He is accessible, well structured and very well networked, drawing from his extensive experience across a range of sectors and regions globally. I have known Uwe for a long time and it has always been a real pleasure to work with him."

Barbara Rambousek

We were very impressed!

"Being one of 100 foreign offices of the Austria Federal Economic Chamber, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Abu Dhabi organizes annual Austria Connect Golf Conferences. For this purpose, Dr. Seebacher was invited as a guest speaker to contribute the view of a large corporation on the topic of Applied Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, from which Austrian SMEs could benefit. We were very impressed by the eloquence and professional expertise of Dr. Seebacher."

Richard Bandera