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Here you can find a selection of Uwe's resources. Feel free to dive in.

Smart Publishing

Available as eBook and Softcover in English and German Language!

This is the format template which you can use for setting up and writing your book, then to be easily uploaded and published via Kindle Publishing. All further details on Smart Publishing can be found in the new edition of the book “Smart Publishing – The Guidebook for Successful Structuring and Publishing of Scientific Papers and Management Books”

Press Compilation Uwe Seebacher

NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION: The iVersity Course "Template-based Management"

This is the trailer for the iVersity Springer course on the so powerful TBM method. Leading companies such as AllianzBASF or even consultancies such as Deloitte Consulting and many others globally have been working with this methodology since the early years of the new Millenium.

The next courses will feature the Predictive Intellligence concept based on one of Uwe’s latest book titled “Predictive Intelligence for Data-driven Managers”.

Book Now: The iVersity Course "B2B Marketing Excellence Journey"

Uwe´s contents and concepts are available as Video Trainings by iVersity.

This is the brand new trailer of the first Vidinar featuring the “B2B Marketing Excellence Journey” based on the best selling B2B Essential book. The vidinar will be available and bookable in German and English language as part of the iVersity Course Program.

The next courses will feature the Template-based Management concept followed by an Espresso Course on “Predictive Intelligence”.

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Do You Know What It Takes to Disrupt Your Lame Forecasts?

Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) Study 2021

Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) is in almost everbody’s mouth but almost no one has a clue what this really means, is and could be for a company.

But in times of COVID19 one has to look for alternatives on how to sustainably secure business and plannable cash flows. The EaaS study 2021 for the first times sheds light in regard to that topic. Take 10 -15 minutes and check yourself and your organization, what you know or don’t know and what it takes to survive in the New Normal 2020 of the Netflix Economy and the Remocal Economy. By contributing you will get access to these unique research results realized together with the Munich University of Applied Sciences and myself.

Online Marketing Readiness (MR) Assessment.

Assess your marketing readiness for free.

Assess your marketing maturity for free within 5 – 10 minutes and win your copy of the new book “B2B Marketing – A Guidebook for the Classroom to the Boardoom” (500 pages, Springer, Oct. 2020).

Where do you actually stand in B2B marketing yourself? Answering this question is not that easy for many companies a/o their marketing mangers. This first “B2B Marketing Self-Assessment” in English language covers 30 simple and quick to answer questions helping you to assess and compare the development status of your company’s marketing organization. Join in and get important insights about the setup of your marketing!

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Online Assessment for Predictive Intelligence (PI).

Assess your readiness for data-driven management.

Currently only 8 (!) percent of companies can be considered as data-driven, following the findings of a recent study done by Freeform Dynamics and Fujitsu. In this context working and taking advantage of predictive intelligence means to understand, where an organization stands when it comes to data. For his book on Predictive Intelligence for Managers, Uwe not only developed an ideal PITechstack (cf. illustration to the left) but also developed and Online Assessment Tool for managers to assess their organization’s maturity in regard to predictive intelligence. This free of charge online assessment tool allows managers to understand where to start from.

Did not find what you were looking for?

Do not hesitate to let Uwe know, what you were missing. He is more than eager to learn about your challenges and will be at your hand as soon as posible. Uwe is only an eMail away...

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