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I am your companion for analytics, methods and structures.

As these are the only levers and drivers enabling you to pay your bills and securing your pension.

Portfolio Dr. Uwe Seebacher

Invitation for Papers!

Our B2B Marketing Guidebook was a huge success right from the beginning with 1.000 chapter downloads per day (!) on average. In the context of this performance I was invited by Springer Publishing to prepare the next standard textbook and I am grateful and honored to overtake this project. Due to this I am now on the way to draft and structure the book. I invite all of you to contact me for your ideas and submissions. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact me. All further information can be found in the downloadable Call for Papers  document.

Portfolio Asset as Service

New Release!

This book is the first to describe everything companies need to know in the context of the subscription economy. It explains the origins of this supposed new economic philosophy by using the automotive and real estate industries to illustrate and critically discuss the developments of recent decades. For the first time, the book paints a picture of the coming development phases of subscription economy. The book clears up all prejudices and misunderstandings, brings the current state of science and research to the point, and explains all important terms and concepts in the environment of AAS. It describes the author's tried and tested Assets-as-Service (AAS) process model in a pragmatic and easy-to-understand manner. The model consists of four steps that companies can implement without major investments and risks in order to become profitable in the subscription economy within a short period of time, thus securing sustainable competitive advantages. In addition, the AAS self-assessment tool is explained, which enables managers to immediately evaluate their own organization in terms of readiness with regard to AAS and the subscription economy, in order to know from where to start with which measures in a targeted and effective manner in the subscription economy.

BOOK NOW: The iVersity Course "Data-Management Journey of Excellence."

Only 8 % of companies today are data-driven, following a recent Fujitsu study. Many managers think, that simply purchasing or deploying any kind of internal or external Artificial Intelligence or such tools will make them data-driven. Doing this, those companies become even more co-driver of technology and more dependent on tools and technology they will never be able to manage, master and understand. Billions of Dollars will be burned and wasted again due to such short-sightedness and missing awareness. This course will show you on how to step-by-step without any additional investments and external resources to develop your organizations towards a data-driven one being able to apply and master next level business intelligence – namely Predictive Intelligence.

B2B Marketing

CNN & Forbes ranked B2B Marketing Guidebook as #1 Book 2021!

Already before publication one of Uwe´s book was ranked as the #1 book to read in 2021. CNN, Forbes and Book Authority Inc. evaluated the released pre-print and came to the conclusion that this book is an essential milestone for industrial marketing.

My experience is more than just your superpower!

Uwe worked for many years for international top management and strategy consulting companies. His focus was on process optimization, change management, organizational development and large scale IT-outsourcing. He was engaged in several multi-million Dollar mergers and take-overs.

Uwe started his career as affiliate and lecturer at the Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration. He lectured at many different business schools and universities such as the OU Business School in London, the University of Applied Science in Salzburg, the Quadriga School of Management in Berlin or the University of Dresden. Currently he is engaged with the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

Since more than 25 years Uwe is engaged as business angel, investor but also as founder. He co-founded a special interest publishing company as well as an international methods consulting company aside many other new businesses.

Uwe worked in different top management positions for multi national corporations in the industry.

Recent Books!

Uwe published over 35 books in management and science in the most recognized publishing companies.

Data-Driven Management

This book describes how companies can easily and pragmatically set up and realize the path to a data-driven enterprise without external support and additional investments. Using the predictive intelligence (PI) ecosystem, the most important terms are introduced and explained. The PI maturity model describes the phases in which you can build a PI ecosystem in your company. The entire book is underpinned with practical examples. Three case studies show how predictive intelligence can be used profitably in the short, medium and long term in the sense of data-driven management.


Template-based Management

The Template-based management (TBM) approach has been used since 2003 across the world in diverse contexts. It has evolved hand-in-hand with the evolution of business: Agile, Blueprints, Canvas, Design Thinking, or Kanban are only few of the many current concepts based on the approach. This book expands and upgrades the author’s 2003 book ‘Template-driven Consulting’ (Springer) by tracing this evolution and offering the current state-of-the-art to practitioners.

B2B Marketing

This unique book comprehensively presents the current state of knowledge, theoretical and practical alike, in the field of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. More than 30 of the best and most recognized B2B marketers address the most relevant theoretical foundations, concepts, tried and tested approaches and models from entrepreneurial practice. Many of those concepts are published for the first time ever in this book.
Data Driven Management

Data-Driven Management

This book briefly and concisely describes the path to data-driven management based on the authors’ tried-and-tested process model. Without prior knowledge, you get a comprehensive insight into the subject matter with many relevant concepts and tips. The most important terms in the environment of data-driven management are explained. The process model shows and describes the individual steps simply and understandably for everyone, in order to quickly and effectively implement a stringent data-driven management without external experts and investments.
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