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Uwe Seebacher is known around the world for his leading management publications. Uwe Seebacher has a Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration and holds a Prof. h.c. for his work in methods and structural science. With his stringent engagement for sustainable organizational development using structures and methods, he helped many corporations to realize an impactful and efficient managerial practice. He is Executive Advisor and has more than 25 years of top management experience as consultant, manager and entrepreneur.

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Uwe Seebacher is internationally known for his innovative Template-based Management (TMB) approach, first published in 2003. This template based management can be used for any project. The problem-solving process is pre-structured using templates so that experts can solve any problem independently without external support. In this way, more than 50% of costs can be saved, projects can be implemented stringently and the organizational learning process can be optimized and secured in the long term.

Uwe Seebacher Biography

The Art of Disruptive Intelligence!

Uwe Seebacher received his B.Sc. degree in business administration economics (1992) from the University of Graz. His MBA (1994) and Ph.D. (1996) degrees in business administration and economics from the Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration (VUEBA). In 2020 he received his Professor h.c. for his work in the area of Methods and Structural Sciences. He is lecturer at many different business schools and universities.

He is author of over 75 articles and 30 books, including Cyber Commerce Reframing, Corporate Mental Wellness, Handbook for Management Development, Management Development in the European Union, Marketing Resource Management, Strategic Workforce Management, Template-driven Consulting, Methods Consulting, Innovative Workshop Concepts, B2B Marketing Guidebook, Predictive Intelligence, Template-based Management. His research covers organizational development, human resource management, performance management and evaluation, technology management, marketing resource management, industrial marketing, technical sales, strategic marketing, consumer marketing, business marketing, professional services marketing, and e-marketing. He has been a consultant to Allianz, BASF, Banco Santander, Bayer Leverkusen, Commerzbank, Daimler Chrysler, Deloitte Consulting, the European Union, Intercontinental Group, Lufthansa, RWE, UBS and many others.  He lived in the USA, South America and Europe

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Award Winning

For his innovative and disruptive work and concepts Uwe received different awards from highly recognized institutions such as the European Chamber of Commerce or the Federal Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Uwe Seebacher Logo Biography

Thought Leading

With leading experts Uwe designed some 30 award winning and often published studies and surveys in innovative and thought-leading topics and areas of expertise.

Uwe Seebacher Logo Biography

Stringently Guiding

Uwe has many years experience in change management and organizational learning. In this context the triangle of trust, consisting of authenticity, empathy and logic, is at the core of his entire work.

Josef M. Ullmer
Regional Executive
Josef M. Ullmer
"Uwe is a real stunning marketing professional. Very driven and focused in bringing products and solutions for his clients together. I always enjoyed every activity we planned and implemented together successfully. "

"I solve problems with thinking in solutions!"

Uwe already realized very early that our world is driven by more and more better trained and sophistically educated matter experts. But the problem is, that we struggle to get the rubber on the road as we neglect the underlying principles of methodically consistent and structured working methods. In many different consulting projects he realized that consistent and stringent managerial practice is missing. In this context he developed the Template-based Management (TBM) approach. TBM allowed him to leverage his resources and capabilities.

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